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Congresswoman Horn Opposes HEROES Act

Washington, May 14, 2020

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – On Thursday, Congresswoman Kendra Horn (OK-5) announced her opposition to the HEROES Act, a $3 trillion stimulus package introduced this week in the House of Representatives. The bill has received broad criticism for its high cost, extraneous provisions, and lack of bipartisan support.

Congresswoman Horn releases the following statement:

“Messaging bills without bipartisan support are a disservice to the American people, especially during a time of crisis. This is not the time for partisan gamesmanship, this is the time to find common ground and deliver help where it is needed most. In response to COVID-19, our relief efforts must be targeted, timely, and transparent. The HEROES Act does not meet those standards. To deliver timely relief, we must put aside proposals that lack bipartisan public support and work to negotiate a legislative package that can pass both houses of Congress and earn the support of the White House. Transparency requires time for public debate and discussion. We must work with our Republican colleagues and leadership in the Senate to negotiate a targeted relief bill that is aimed squarely at the health and economic challenges we face.”

“I know we can find common ground to address the health and economic crisis facing our country. We achieved strong bipartisan support in the last three relief bills and the HEROES Act contains many bipartisan provisions that I fought for. I worked with colleagues across the aisle to secure help for small business, critical funding for state and local governments, support for Tribal communities, and lower insurance costs. But unfortunately, the HEROES Act contains many measures unrelated to direct COVID-19 relief as well as political pet projects. I urge congressional leadership to put aside any desire to use this as a political opportunity and instead focus on getting results in a bipartisan and bicameral way. The American people need our help and we must deliver in a way that is responsive to the needs of our communities and is a responsible use of taxpayer dollars.”

During crafting of the stimulus bill, Congresswoman Horn brought Republican and Democratic lawmakers together in support of bipartisan provisions including: COBRA premium subsidies; support for dependents left out of the CARES Act; state and local funding; extension of the time period for PPP loan forgiveness; repeal of PPP 75/25 payroll restriction; direct relief for Tribal Nations; Tribal access to the Strategic National Stockpile; and increased funding for urban Indian health. All of these bipartisan priorities were included in the legislative text of the HEROES Act, but many were modified in a way that spurned bipartisan support.

As the HEROES Act was being drafted, Congresswoman Horn urged congressional leadership to work with Republicans to craft stimulus legislation rather than taking a partisan approach to the next relief bill. Congresswoman Horn will continue to advocate for bipartisan relief efforts to address this unprecedented health and economic crisis.